• Luke Brugger

Stay Stirred Up

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

God wants to use you, and if you keep yourself stirred up, He will.

When you read John 7:37-39 you learn that those of us who believe in Jesus are to have the Holy Spirit flowing in our lives. Jesus described this flow of the Holy Spirit as “rivers of living water.”

In John chapter 5 there is an amazing story about a pool of water where people who were sick, blind, lame or paralyzed would gather. They gathered at that pool of water because it had the ability to heal and restore. The Bible says that this water would make people completely whole of whatever disease they suffered from. Once the water was stirred up, the first person to get in would be healed.

Water that is able to make a lame person walk, a blind person see or a person with a terminal illness alive and well is a picture of living water. This is a picture of the way God wants the Holy Spirit to bring healing and restoration to people through the Body of Christ. The thing is, when the water in this pool was stagnant or still, it didn’t do anyone any good.

There was always water in that pool, but as long as it was motionless, it was also miracle-less.

Motionless = Miracle-less

Crowds of sick people, some in desperate need, sat and watched the water. Hoping. Waiting. And once the water was stirred up, miracles took place.

The same is true for you and me. If you are saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, you have living water. But from this pool in John 5 we see that it doesn’t do what it is capable of doing unless you get stirred up. Don’t allow yourself to become still or stagnant spiritually.

Pray in the Holy Spirit daily. Listen to anointed preaching and teaching, and APPLY IT. Whatever level you are at in you gift or anointing, USE IT. Keep yourself stirred and in motion and begin to see the miraculous. Step out. Move. Lay hands on sick people. Witness to lost people. Don’t keep people waiting like they did at the pool in John 5. God wants to use you, and if you keep yourself stirred up, He will.


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