• Luke Brugger

Purity Brings Clarity

Updated: Jul 2

If you came to my house and I gave you a glass of water that was brown and murky you would be hesitant to drink it. Why? Because you would instinctively know that something was wrong with the water. Without running any tests or checking it’s pH level, you would know that the water was not pure. How would you know? Because the water lacked clarity.

Purity brings clarity.

A natural byproduct of purity is clarity. So many people live in confusion, make poor decisions and are frustrated with their lack of spiritual perception. When it comes to knowing the will of God, hearing the Lord’s voice, being sensitive to the Holy Spirit, receiving divine direction, etc., a key that is often overlooked is purity.

In Matthew 5:8 Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” Yes, there is an aspect of this truth that is in the future, when we get to heaven. But Jesus is giving us a principle that has benefits here and now as well. Jesus linked purity with the ability to see.

If you are desirous to hear God’s voice more clearly then examine yourself. Are you walking in holiness? Have you allowed compromises in your behavior? Thought life?

When you work on purity, clarity comes naturally.


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