• Luke Brugger

Has vs. As

Updated: Jun 18

Knowing someone has a title is different than knowing them as the title.

You have friends. One of your “titles” is friend. Knowing that you are a friend to someone is vastly different than actually being your friend.

I have 4 children. I am a father. You now know I have that title/name. But there are only 4 people that actually know me in that capacity. Knowing that I am a dad is very different than knowing me as dad.

What is the point? When it comes to learning who God is, many people feel that they have "succeeded" when they learn His titles. Savior. Healer. Provider. Friend. Peace...

That is good. It is wonderful to learn God’s titles/names. But it is a mistake to stop there. You can move beyond knowing He has a title and grow to learn Him as that title.

I know that there is an Alaska. I have seen it on maps. I have heard about it. I have talked to people who have been there. I could tell you a few things about Alaska, but I have never actually been there. Knowing it exists is different than being there.

When you learn that God has another name/title it is like learning of a new destination on a map. Don’t just know it is there. Go there.

What are some ways that you have moved from knowing God "has" to "as"?


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