• Luke Brugger

Allow God's Word to Dominate

Real faith, faith that will actually make a difference, is not just believing that God said something. It is allowing what God said become your reality. This kind of faith requires giving God’s Word a higher place than any other “fact” in your life.

Faith is allowing the Word of God to outweigh our own natural reasoning. In Mark 4, when a storm threatened the lives of the disciples, naturally thinking, they were right to be concerned. They were thinking very clearly about the storm threatening their lives. Fear was very rational. Panic was understandable. Their reasoning took precedence over the Word of God, who happened to be in the boat with them. After rebuking the storm, Jesus turned and asked his disciples, "How is it that you have no faith?" (Mark 4:40)

In this instance, the disciples were allowing natural circumstances and their own rationale to dictate their behavior & emotions. Jesus equated this to a complete lack of faith.

On the other hand, Abraham is known as the "Father of our Faith". He had strong faith and refused to allow basic reasoning concerning his age or his wife's bareness to effect the place he gave God’s Word. Medically, biologically, logically, etc., Abraham & Sarah could not, and maybe should not, be having children. Abraham was aware of those factors but always gave God's Word a higher place and allowed what God had told him to outweigh every other established “fact” in the natural.

This is true Bible faith. Not just believing that God’s Word is true, but allowing it to dominate every other “fact.” Refuse to elevate your own thinking over the Word. Never allow what others say to supersede the Word. Insist on giving the Word first place in your thoughts and reasoning.


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